Adaxes Web Interface Compatibility Issues with Safari

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Adaxes Web Interface Compatibility Issues with Safari

Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:30 am

  • Search and Reports get stuck displaying Loading message and return no results.
  • Drop-down menus are not displayed.
  • Nothing happens when clicking operations (Edit, Reset Password etc.) in the object view for user accounts.
  • In the object view for user accounts, properties are not displayed in sections.
  • Hints and help for object properties are not displayed.
Adaxes Web Interface is built on ASP.NET that does not correctly recognize the latest versions of the Safari browser.

To work around the issue, you need to add Safari 8 browser configuration file for Adaxes Web Interface:
  1. Close the Web Interface Customization Tool.
  2. Download the archive and unpack it.
  3. Copy the safari.browser file to folder C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\<Web Interface type>\App_Browsers on the computer where the Web Interface is installed.
  4. Open the folder.
  5. Update the modification date of ie.browser file, for example:
    • Open the ie.browser file with a text editor.
    • Save the file without making any changes.
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