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All, This may be somewhat of a generic question, but I've looked through a majority of the Self Service Password reset documentation and can't really find a definitive answer. ... the "PssEnroll.aspx" page and all I can do is answer my questions once again.

commented Sep 12, 2017
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Hey Everyone, As of Thursday last week (8/31), we have been unable to connect to our Office 365 Tenant through Adaxes. I'm attaching the error we are receiving when I attempt ... or off network ( Is anyone else having problems with this?

commented Sep 6, 2017
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We have a scheduled task configured today that we run daily over our user pool and checks IF an account has been inactive for XX weeks, it disables it and triggers some of our ... has suggestions on how to get around this we are open to those as well. Thanks,

commented Sep 5, 2017
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Hello, could you guys help create a report for us to run via a schedule task. I need something I could configure over a specific OU that will look for user objects with a ... we going to be able to automate the canned reports you provide? That would be great!

commented Jul 27, 2017
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Hello Everyone, I have a few questions surrounding your bulk user creation offering via a CSV found here ... SVFile.htm Will our "After creating ... lot of use out of this feature if it's added in a future enhancement.

asked Jul 26, 2017
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All, Over the last month or so we have been experiencing removing / deactivating Microsoft licenses using Adaxes. Some background on how we do this at my organization is ... troubleshoot this issue? It's intermittent, and not occurring on all disabled users.

asked Mar 30, 2017
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Hey, We've ran into a few issues recently where we ran out of Office Licenses without our knowledge and when that happens it causes a lot of our automation around this ... , so is that something we can easily configure on our scheduled tasks? Thank you, Ben

commented Mar 27, 2017
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All, Looking for some advice / guidance on something I've been working on. We have a pshell script in place currently that reads from a flat file we pull out of our ... remove the user from the "old" department group. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

commented Jan 25, 2017
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Hey Everyone, Just putting a "feeler" out there to see if anyone has had any luck with leveraging Adaxes in any way to perform entitlement reviews on active directory groups. One ... a group of users. Sounds simple enough, but I am struggling with it. Thanks,

commented Jan 24, 2017
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Hey Support, Were in the process of just spinning up Adaxes 2014.1 in our environment, and I'm working on build the employee off boarding custom command and can get ... mailbox on litigation hold through Outlook 365's web portal it's so slow. Thanks!

commented Jan 5, 2017
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We are looking for a Way to automate the updating of users' attributes based off CSV extract from Human Resources.

commented Dec 14, 2016
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Hey Everyone, I have a few questions about how others are handling the removal of Office 365 licenses for users who have left the organization. I went and set something up that ... "hey, re-enable this user they are still working here, etc". Help! Thanks!!

commented Jun 16, 2016
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Hi folks, I am looking for suggestions on the best way to create/migrate/remote move our student mailboxes to 365. Until now, I have been creating the new AD accounts and ... a 'remote mailbox' in the contacts container. Let the magic begin.... Thanks Kempy

commented Jan 25, 2016
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Hello, I'm looking for a little assistance with configuring the Azure Active Directory Powershell module on our adaxes server. I've went through and installed it following ... the adaxes console with, or will I be prompted for alternate credentials? Thanks!

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