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I would like to add the following logic into a Powershell script that will be triggered on 'After Create User'. Read the value of the 'title' property of the user just created ... 'True' or 'False'. Could you assist with how to script this please? Many thanks.

asked May 1
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I am trying to see if I can implement this in Adaxes somehow to support role-based provisioning to external apps (using appropriate Powershell scripts) but struggling to work ... to invest in a full-blown role-based provisioning platform (would rather not!).

commented Dec 26, 2019
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I'm wondering if there are any recommended ways to do this in Adexes as part of the deprovisioning or mover process? For example.... When de-provisioning any user, check ... with the initiator is possible Any ideas on how to do this please? Thanks, Bernie

commented Sep 23, 2019
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I would like to be able to build a workflow whereby, after creating a user, a business rule will check certain user attributes/group memberships etc and then, if required, ... ways that this could be achieved to make a 'joined up' process? Thanks, Bernie

asked Aug 24, 2019
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Our organisation is planning to use Adexes for user creation and modification including helpdesk password resets. However, we also have an AAD with federated authentication back to ... Adexes and am wondering if this could cause any issues? Many thanks, Bernie

asked Aug 11, 2019
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I don't know if this is achievable but.... we want to see if we can automatically enrol users for Azure SSPR/MFA as soon as a mobile/cell number is added to their AD ... AAD. So wondering if it's possible to do this from the AD side somehow? Many thanks

asked Aug 10, 2019
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We are deploying into a single forest, single domain. Our AD instances are e.g. How ... move through the environments and 'regularise' the process as far as possible. Thanks, Bernie

commented Aug 5, 2019
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Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about implementing some form of Segregation of Duties checking function within Adexes? We are using AD group management as the primary ... this kind of thing before and might share some ideas please? Thanks, Bernie

asked Jul 25, 2019
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Would it be possible to utilize Adaxes' out of the box approval workflow functionality to accomplish the following audit process? On a periodic basis, each group ... with maintaining least privileged principles as access is often granted, but rarely revoked.

commented Jul 15, 2019
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