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Hi - I'm trying to validate that the email address entered is distinct. The logic below is not working. When we had Exchange, this was automatic. We no longer have ... Cancel("A user with the specified mail address already exists!"); return $false; } }

answered Dec 18, 2013
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Hello, I'm doing an upgrade to 2013.2. Is there a way to preserve the AdaxesLog.db3 content from the old version to the current version? I tried to replace the file ( ... "failed to load log records". Unable to find assembly 'System.Data.SQLite....' Thanks,

answered Dec 11, 2013
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I noticed that when I create a new mailbox in ADAxes, the resulting mailbox has the correctly formatted smtp address listed in Exchange based on the username, but it also has an smtp ... I've poked around a bit, but I don't see where this is originating from.

answered Feb 24, 2012
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