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Good afternoon, I've been asked to change our phone number fields to be E.164 compliant. I have come up with the following Regular Expressions for the Phone (with extension), Fax, and mobile device numbers. I ... {1,14}([\ ]{1}[\bext\b]{3}[\ ]{1}[0-9]{3,5})?

asked Jun 13, 2016
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Hello, I have a large number of groups, one for each branch in the company - named BR_%branchname%. We have staff move from branch to branch frequently, and need to ... to start with this request, and any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan

commented Dec 10, 2012
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Hello, My "Employees" Security Role has the ability to write the 'Picture' property on Self only. Employees are able to edit and delete their own picture, but I ... set up the Business Rule to require manager approval before changing the picture? Thanks, Dan

commented Sep 18, 2012
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I'm currently using a couple extension attributes to define custom fields, such as Community, Team and Branch. I currently have a defined list of Departments (LDAP attribute " ... possible" that I can take back to the Project manager. Thanks in advance! Dan

asked Jul 31, 2012
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Hello, I am trying to set up Adaxes to use a number of custom AD Attributes. Our use case requires attributes such as "Branch", "Community", Transit #", etc. ... can attach screenshots if this is not clear enough. Thanks in advance for your assistance, Dan

commented Jul 24, 2012
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