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Dear Support, is it possible to "manually" create an object of type "device"? We would like to sync devices (mobile devices enrolled in InTune) assigned to user in AAD to ... know that it can be syncronized by connected, but it's not done in our domain.

edited Jul 16, 2020
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Dear Support, Is it possible in "generate default value" section of pattern for multivalued attribute to provide more than 1 value from "must be one of" section? E.g. Pattern ... E" and to have default generated values in web interface "A,C" Thanks for advise!

asked Jul 7, 2020
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Dear Support, is it possible to block access to console for users leaving only web-interface? Is there some settings or security options regarding console access? Thank you!

answer selected Jul 7, 2020
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Dear Support, is it possible to manage rule-based groups through console or this feature is only available via web? Thanks!

answer selected Jun 22, 2020
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Dear Support, can you advise if it's possible to connect to Adaxes from PowerBI? To have access (read) for the Adaxes custom attributes? Thank you!

asked May 13, 2020
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Dear Support, is there a way to check not all attributes listed in the pattern, but only 1? For example user department not matching a list, provided in the pattern ... department and creating a separate pattern is really not an option). Thanks for any advise!

commented May 6, 2020
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Dear Support, hope you are well during this pandemic! Can you please if it's possible to use different urls for different interfaces and how it can be set up? E.g. I ... : adaxes-L1. com for Team1 interface adaxes-L2. com for Team2 interface Thanks for help!

commented Apr 1, 2020
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Dear support, I'm trying to automate network share creations via custom commands. They idea is to create share and groups with command A and schedule ... "ADS_SCOPE_BASE" $scopeItem.Exclude = $False $scopeItem.SetInfo() $task.ActivityScopeItems.Add($scopeItem)

answer selected Jan 27, 2020
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Hi! In 2019.2 new feature was introduced to use Microsoft Authenticator to validate the password self-service. Is it possible to connect it to existing MFA in ... Authenticator - one company account and another one generated by Adaxes after enrollment. Thanks!

asked Oct 30, 2019
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Is it possible to call execution of Adaxes custom command via SPML?

asked Oct 16, 2019
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Dear Support, can you please clarify - to call adaxes custom commands from "other" machines via following code - Adaxes PS module needs to be installed or ... -Object "Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmNamespace" $admService = $admNS.GetServiceDirectly("xxx") Thanks!

commented Oct 9, 2019
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Dear Support, is it possible to run external applications, for example "Star-Process cmd.exe ... " via initiator account, not service one? For example to implement a ... object, so that cmd windows opens on the initiators workstation. Thank you for advise!

commented Sep 27, 2019
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Dear Support, can you please advise a multivalue attribute can be properly addresses in a report? I want to add a custom calculated column to the report, value of which ... cannot see $Contenxt.TargetObject there... :( I would appreciate your help! Thank you!

commented Aug 6, 2019
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Is there a way to change the icons for actions that you've put on the home page actions? I know that if I use a custom command and I've set the icon it will use ... Right now all of them use the blue box with a right pointing arrow for their icon. Thanks!

commented Aug 5, 2019
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Dear Support, I have a PS script, which as result has a DataTable of assets assigned to user in external system. I would like to show this data in Web interface - ... Can you please advise how to properly show the DataTable in script based report? Thank you!

asked Jul 30, 2019
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Hi, I'm working on a custom command to set account expiration - like this No matter what time is selected by user - it set's to 23:59. But in the approval email - ... the one, which was selected by user. Can it be modified before sending for approval? Thanks!

asked Jul 25, 2019
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Dear Support, can you please advise how to properly troubleshoot Connect-MSOlService? I have x64 Adaxes installation I have this function properly working in Powershell ISE and ... Directory Module for Wind... Powershell version 5.1 Thanks for any advise!

answered Jul 22, 2019
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Dear Support, Is it possible to connect to O365 tenant with admin accounts? Just with readonly access? Thanks!

asked Jul 5, 2019
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Dear Adaxes support, can you please advise if there an option to release memory, used by Adaxes service? I'm facing an issue with 2019.1 that after ... ) $computer.SetInfo() } } } Remove-Module $ConfigMgrModulePath -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue Thanks, Dmytro

commented Jun 27, 2019
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