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Dear Support We have a business rule in the old Adaxes 2017 that was working: Before adding a universal security group to a global security group, the group type of the ... adding a universal group to a global group? <br> Our action: Best regards Johann

commented 13 hours ago
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When copying a group, the message appears even though the group does not yet exist. "The specified group already exists, (Server:"

commented Oct 14
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Hello Support, After migrating from 2017.2 to 2021.1, certain actions no longer work. If a group object is to be renamed, the message appears: The object cannot be ... taken over and they look correct. Is there perhaps a useful log file? Best regards Jo

commented Oct 1
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We are still using version 2017.2, because otherwise we can no longer authorize with smart cards. Is it still possible to connect Adaxes with Azur?

asked Oct 12, 2020
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Hello, Is there already a possibility to limit the amount of AD actions within a certain time? This is to prevent an abuse with mass actions. For example, a maximum ... will be a delay and warning. Perhaps someone has already developed something like this? br

asked Oct 18, 2018
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