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Hello, I'm trying to execute a custom command through a Powershell script, but I'm struggling to pass multiple values to an AD Object Picker parameter. ... , $NULL, $NULL, 0) $obj.ExecuteCustomCommand($command.CommandID, $commandArguments) Thanks in advance!

answer selected Nov 30, 2021
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I have an account that I am using as the "run as" account to run PowerShell scripts for several different custom commands. I would like to be able to update the ... a script that updates the credentials used to run a script in an existing custom command?

answer selected Oct 28, 2021
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Hello! We have password policies set up to prevent users from reusing the last several passwords and to prevent them from changing their password more than once in a 24 ... know of any way to fully enforce all of the password policies for password resets?

commented Sep 17, 2021
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We have a couple scheduled tasks that are scoped to run on all user objects across our domain to check for things like upcoming password expiration and account expiration. These ... log. Is there a way to only log events when an operation is executed?

commented Jul 9, 2021
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