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We want to automate the provisioning of skype users with adaxes. Therefore we installed the Skype module onto the adaxer server. Then we tried to utilise some commands in a ... . How can the Skype module be integrated for Adaxes? Thank you for your help.

asked Apr 23
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We created a Scheduled Task and chose our user organisational unit as the activity scope. Then we realized that only about 10 % of the users are object-type: user and 90 % object- ... s no option in adaxes. But there is one for the object type User. Why that ?

asked Dec 5, 2019
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Hello, We're working with Adaxes for about 2 months and we can't seem to find out how we can check if a action in Adaxes worked or not. We have a ... action failed and react to it and is there something similiar to $ErrorActionPreference for adaxes actions?

edited Nov 15, 2019
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