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Hi Team I need some assitance with creating a report to pull from exchange online all user mailboxes that have automatic replies enabled. I have been attempting to use ... Where-Object { $_.AutoReplyState -ne "Disabled" } | Select Identity, StartTime, EndTime

asked Aug 25
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Hi Team I am testing out a scheduled task to send out an email for password self service enrolment and located a previous question which suggested using the adm- ... or has the state of a users self service enrollment moved to another property?

commented Mar 15
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I'm not entirely sure if this is possible using a business rule but what I am trying to achieve is have the business rule perform actions when a user account has expired. Can this be acheived or would a scheduled task be the preferred method?

commented Sep 28, 2020
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We would like to have a business unit that is based on an adaxes custom attribute. I don't see a way of doing this. Do you all have any ideas?

commented Sep 11, 2020
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