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I know I can set the "User must change password at next logon" flag, but noticed when I do that, they can no longer log in to Self-Service.

asked Oct 1, 2020
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What permissions are required, other than Domain Admin, to edit the Adaxes configuration (business rules, property patterns, custom commands, etc.) in the console and the edit the web portal configurations in the AdaxesConfig web site?

commented Dec 6, 2019
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Is there any way to give users the ability to see the approvers for their requests without necessarily giving them full read access to those approvers properties?

asked Oct 20, 2016
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I have a Business Rule in place that after a new user is created, will create an Exchange mailbox for the user, set the Retention Policy for the user, then send them a ... the correct email address for the user. Is this maybe just a timing issue or something?

commented Nov 5, 2015
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I'm attempting to implement a system which will allow us "expire" groups after a certain amount of time. I'm using a custom attribute to track a group's expiration ... to email all members of that other group. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

answered Oct 27, 2015
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Is it possible to import values for one of the custom attribute fields (i.e. CustomAttributeText1) from a CSV file using PowerShell? Every user in our organization is assigned ... how to import the values into Adaxes. Thanks in advance for any assistance...

commented Nov 4, 2014
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Trying to create a new group and getting the following error: "The name reference is invalid. (Server:" I've created groups before...the problem seems to have just ... a new Group object. It has me puzzled so I'm looking for some direction...

answered Mar 3, 2014
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Is it possible to provision Lync access to users through group membership? For example, let's say we don't want to provide Lync to all users so we have a security group ... when they are added to that group and disable it if they are removed from the group?

commented Feb 14, 2014
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