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Thank you it works, The Question i got is, What Value Separtor i have to use for Selecting multiple user for the AD object picker . For the this ... mailbox-access-to-user-s502.htm how do I add send as permission access in the Script.

commented Nov 8, 2021
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Hi Everyone I want to create a custom command where I can select multiple users and then select a mailbox and give them full access to the mailbox. Is there a way to do it? Thank you for help

asked Nov 2, 2021
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Hallo Everyone I'm attempting to import a CSV list to Update Current users. I Used the Script 2 from Repostitory ... "employeeNumber") # TODO: modify me Test file: sAMAccountName,employeeNumber, Peter.Muster,AB052

commented Jul 14, 2021
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Hello Everyone I wanted to ask if there is a way to increase the limit for the log file database as it is now 30 days by default or do I need to create a new SQL database? Thank you for the Support

asked Jun 28, 2021
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Hallo Everyone Is there a way to find out recently which Group Membership have been add to a User and if that is possible can we also find our who is the initiator. I've ... the Groups, but seem i can't follow through. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

commented Apr 7, 2021
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Hi Is there a possiblity within the Copy User function to automaticly select the same OU as the selected user is in? So that the user that is being created, ends up in the same ou as the user it was copied from? Thanks

asked Jan 27, 2021
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I would like the HR to be able to set the date of deprovision User. So that it's executed on set date and not on command. I Tryed with parameter (Date/Time picker) ... it possible with custom command or do i have to make Scheduled Task with (Date/time picker)?

asked Jan 20, 2021
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