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Is it possible to get an email notification if a scheduled task fails to run, or if 1 step in the task failed? I have a scheduled task that goes through a few steps ... part was failing to send, is it possible to get an email notification if this happens?

asked Apr 30, 2018
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I need to use the bulk import to import ~60 users. I am trying to do 1 test account first to ensure everything works, ... adm-CustomAttributeDate1, physicalDeliveryOffice, company, department, manager, title, adm-CustomAttributeText5, ChangePasswordAtLogon

asked Apr 9, 2018
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So if i want to run an external program and use a script i would put - cscript.exe registerUser.vbs ... but where should this script be saved to for adaxes to pick it up?

asked Mar 14, 2018
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I am setting up a custom command to decomission users, part of the process before the AD groups are removed I want it to export a list of the groups to a network location. ... command which I have added my account to, so i believe i have permission to run it.

commented Feb 15, 2018
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Hi, We are currently a little over our licensed users of 1000. Our supplier has been trying to get a quote for the last week or so and only just heard back ... hours until our procurement team/supplier is able to buy the additional 500 licenses? Thanks Scott

asked Feb 8, 2018
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Is it possible to have an email notification sent to somebody and to CC in somebody else?

asked Feb 2, 2018
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Is it possible to change just 1 part of a condition to AND/OR? Currently I have an action that says: If operation succeeded AND Office = London then add user to *ad group* ... condition can only be the same, so I have to create a separate action for each 1?

asked Jan 19, 2018
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When creating a user I would like to set it up so that once the answer to the first field is given, then a second field appears with a defined list of possible answers, ... appear and only have the options for "Orlando, Miami, New York" etc Is this possible?

asked Dec 20, 2017
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