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Hello, from the GUI, scheduling is only possible on complete hours. How can I change start time to 02:05? regards Helmut

answered 4 days ago
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I have to generate an Excel sheet populated with some users informations. It works on the server itself, but not when i run it via Custom commands. There is the code that ... it does'nt open and throws an error : How to interact with com objects on Adaxes?

answered Nov 29
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Thank you it works, The Question i got is, What Value Separtor i have to use for Selecting multiple user for the AD object picker . For the this ... mailbox-access-to-user-s502.htm how do I add send as permission access in the Script.

answered Nov 8
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I am attempting to give some users rights to modify the report that is scheduled such as to add additional users or remove users or even move the report to a different ... i grant the rights to just modify the scheduled reports? Thank you for your help!

answered Sep 29
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The default is http://[mydomainname]/Adaxes/SelfService is there a way to change this? example; http://[mydomainname]/passwordselfservice or http://[mydomainname]/help

answered Sep 17
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I'm trying to generate a custom report based off the return values of a PowerShell script. I've tried looking over the tutorial docs and SDK, but I can't seem to piece it all ... Expression = { $_.Properties[1].Value } } } catch { Throw $_.Exception } } }

answered Sep 9
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Is there a way to receive an email if a FAILED operation status is logged to Logging?

answered Aug 25
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The account is configured with the user's email address as its name and the icon says third party.

answered Aug 19
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Hello, related to my previous question: In Adaxes there is the Cloud Services section that uses Office365 ... want to make sure we've covered as much as we can. Thank you again! Gary

answered Jun 16
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Topic question, we are looking into AD Auditing and I would like to know if this solution is on-prem. And I would like to know if there is a built in report to see ... to access folders they do not have permissions to, is this something I can do with Adaxes?

answered Jun 10
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We have four OUs in Active Directory (Pending Deletion, Disabled with Mail Delegates, Disabled with HR Extensions and Disabled_Temp_Leave) that users are moved to prior to their eventual ... past 7 days have been moved to one of 4 of these OUs. Thanks!

answered Jun 7
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I would like to on a monthly basis to email the group owner the members of each group they own for verification pruposes. i would need the group name and the name of the members.

answered Jun 3
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Hello, is there possibility to catch the "Domain NetbiosName" of a User object? We'd like to use this for a Password Reminder eMail to the Account Owner. ... day(s) We found an attribute for DomainDistinguishedName (adm-DomainDN), only Best regards Michael

answered Apr 19
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Does the solution support working with multiple Office 365 tenants in the cloud-only scenario when there is no on-premise AD and all identity is managed via Azure Active Directory?

answered Apr 14
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I'm trying to provide the capability for ID admin users to perform AD tasks using the web interface. I am not able to edit attributes for an existing user when ... any attribute it gives me an error "An unexpected response was received from the server".

answered Apr 8
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I have have admin rights and am in the "Request Approvers" group. I have a dearth of old approval requests to delete. I saw I could not delete them until I denied them ... says I have "No approval requests." How can I delete these denied entries? Thanks, Scott

answered Feb 26
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Hello, is it possible somehow to export deprovisioned user"s OneNote full notebook in mht format to server share? It is one step in our deprovisioning process. Thank you.

answered Dec 15, 2020
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We get the following error when attempting to edit a room or equipment mailbox in the web interface. We can edit them using the admin console. I am a full Adaxes Admin so I don't think permissions. I also don't see an error in the logs.

answered Dec 10, 2020
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I have a custom command which require approve before it starts. How can I get access to approve message within my custom command?

answered Dec 1, 2020
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Hi, I need a script that will retrospectively create a sub-folder on file server's shared folder with following permissions: employee his/hers manager (taken from AD) specific ... for more pre-existing users that don't have them. Thanks for any feedback.

answered Nov 4, 2020
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