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I currently have a Custom Command that is configured for User objects, but I would like to perform actions against a Computer object in the same command. E.g. I have a ... Users, there's no Action Set to disable Computers. Is there a workaround here? Thanks!

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Is it possible, using a business rule, to reassign a user's direct reports to their manager when they get disabled? For example, User B reports up to User A. User B gets disabled and all of their direct reports automatically get assigned to User A. Thanks

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Hello, I'm using this script as part of a deprovisioning process I'm using ... The script executes with no errors, but the computer managed by the user remains enabled.

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I'd like to be able to either send an email report or export a CSV of all of the business rules carried out when a user is disabled. This would be ... Management Activity section but this includes things that weren't part of the disable operation. Thanks

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