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Hi folks, I am looking for suggestions on the best way to create/migrate/remote move our student mailboxes to 365. Until now, I have been creating the new AD accounts and ... a 'remote mailbox' in the contacts container. Let the magic begin.... Thanks Kempy

commented Jan 15, 2015
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Hi folks, I already have a great script (thank you) that monitors our HR system for adds/removes/changes of our staff and reflects those changes in AD via scheduled ... way of doing this? Could I possibly incorporate it into the existing script? Thanks Corey

commented Dec 11, 2014
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Hi support. I have a pool of generic AD accounts (relief1, relief2 etc) for our relief teachers. I want to schedule a PW reset for these accounts on a weekly basis ... the workflow to send the actual generated PW to the managers email. Thanks in advance Corey

commented Nov 28, 2014
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Hello, We are a K-12 private school currently using a small program call ADSync to manage new/existing user accounts based on information populated into our HR system (MS ... the things I am looking for... Look forward to discussing further my options. Thanks

commented May 14, 2014
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