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Hello, We have several actions that run against an object when it's set to pending approval. If the approval is denied, is there an easy way to revert these changes on the object? For example, disabling a user and hiding from the Address Book. Thank you.

answered Aug 25, 2014
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Hi, We've recently started seeing users get 'Unable to connect to nearest Adaxes service' errors when accessing the Adaxes web portal. It's far too vague\random to have an idea ... last night to see if that fixed it, but we have had the issue again today.

answered Dec 23, 2013
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Hi, I seem to have hit a permissions error. For the life of me I'm sure this has been working fine, now we appear to have a very strange situation. I noticed today ... we've made recently - but I cannot think of any permissions that have been changed. Rgds

answered Jun 12, 2013
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