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I am wanting to export a list of users including the properties of a specific custom attribute. Ideally, I would be able to run a get-admuser and filter on a custom attribute, but even an excel report with the custom attributes would work. Is this possible?

asked Sep 9, 2021
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Our SQL DBAs are working to move most/all our SQL connections to SSL. They have asked if Adaxes can support this.

commented Feb 23, 2021
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Hi All, Weve switched to Office365 and Im using Adaxes to create users which is working really well. However lots of our users now have remote mailboxes which is all good ... be stored even though the user will be removed from the users list. Thanks, Will

commented Jul 11, 2019
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We have several scripts that use the following action: $commandID = "{b4b66610-be71-403a-a6b7-8bcf51d200ef}" $user.executecustomCommand($commandID) is there syntax that allows ... is there another way to pass parameters to a custom command through scripting?

asked Jul 11, 2019
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Is it possible to trigger an event when a user logs in for the first time? We would like to setup a process that sends the user an email shortly after they login for the first time.

asked May 24, 2019
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Wondering if this is possible given the SDK options for manipulating the addaxes business rules. We have a desire to regularly extract all the powershell scripts from various ... we get 100% coverage with the ability to see the scripts historically. Thanks, G

commented Mar 4, 2019
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Is there a command line that would install the admin console and the powershell module silently? we would like to utilize our ConfigMgr system to deploy this app to ... for them to know what modules to install or elevating their user accounts. Thanks!

asked Mar 1, 2017
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I have created a Custom action to create some "standard" sub OUs to a particular type of OU in our AD. I wanted to create a script to look in the OU you are executing ... 'Users') -or ($child.Name -eq 'Computer Systems')) {$Context.ConditionIsMet = $False } }

asked Aug 31, 2016
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