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Is it possible to get Radio Button as an option for new parameters? In some of our custom forms, it would be nice to have radio button as an option instead of being forced into a drop down secnario.

commented Dec 18, 2019
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I am attempting to build out a report that shows all user accounts were approved by two different persons before being created. I have the workflow running correctly, ... this data stored in a specific location thats accessible by the reporting engine? Thanks!

commented Dec 17, 2019
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Hi, Can you tell me how to look up a list of last logged-in users for computers from specific OU? Have OU called Laptops and need to know who as last person logged into ... username-of-last-user-who-lgged-on-to-computer-s269.htm but it' s not design for OU

answered Dec 16, 2019
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Is there any update to this functionality? It would be nice for the administrative logging to be in one conistent language and not dependent on whatever language the end user selects on the web interface.

answer selected Dec 16, 2019
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