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Is there any option to replace the CAPTCHA with a different one? I believe I know the answer to this but I said I would ask the experts. We recently rolled out the ... the next few months and the number one complaint so far is that the CAPTCHA is frustrating.

commented Mar 28, 2019
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I have a scenario I'm trying to think of the best way to accomplish. We have a New User Creation process that a group of employees can use, currently we have a custom ... and then it sends the welcome email with the password in it. Any ideas? Thanks! Jake

asked Jan 24, 2019
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Is it possible to to get all users with a custom attribute defined? In PowerShell I'd be doing this: $s = get-aduser -filter 'Description -like "Sales Engineer"' | Select ... -like "True"' | Select Name Is this possible? Thanks for any help or tips!

asked Aug 7, 2018
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Adaxes 2018.1 has finally arrived and is available for download! New Web Interface. New reporting platform. New user experience. Check out what's new in the latest ... Follow the Upgrade Instructions: ... tNotes.htm

commented Aug 3, 2018
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I'm making use of a TextMultiValue property, but I'm frequently getting 2 errors when I execute $Context.TargetObject.GetEx("Adm-CustomAttributeMultiValue2"). These actions are taking ... times also, can I get any insight on what would cause that? Thanks!

commented Jul 17, 2018
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I send support a few emails about my licensing, and I haven't heard back. I can't upgrade until I get this resolved.

commented Jun 28, 2018
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After upgrading to 2018.1 I'm getting an error of "Your password must be changed before you can log in. The Change Password operation is disabled in the Web Interface." when ... my password. I cannot find the setting to enable this. Has anyone else seen this?

asked Jun 28, 2018
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I have a foreign user I'm thinking changed their default language to German, I noticed today that the logs for those users are not in English. It seems as if the ... way to ensure the logging is always in English regardless of the language for the users?

asked Mar 28, 2018
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I'm creating a process where after a user account has been created some manual steps are completed and then, then the helpdesk will approve the confirmation email to be ... to do this? Screenshot of the disabled approval checkbox:

commented Mar 23, 2018
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