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Hey All, My company is currently working on some automation between SAP Success Factors (HR Tool) and Adaxes. We currently have it set so SAP generates a CSV export and ... worked through this before or have any idea how to accomplish this if possible? Thanks

commented May 20, 2019
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Good Morning, I was hoping to get some assistance in creating a powershell script that I could run daily that would do the following. 1. Gather a list of all AD ... "Manager" field in a property pattern with found users Any assistance would be great. Thanks!

commented Jun 18, 2018
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Hello, We currently use a lot of business rules that act as job templates. When a matching job title is found after a user creation, it runs the business rule to ... business rule is applied so the user is at least assigned a basic access template? Thanks

commented Jun 7, 2018
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Good Afternoon, I currently have our AD navigation divided up by specific countries. The user is able to select the country OU and navigate down into the specific department OU. ... country OU's so I can force the user to drill down before creating? Thanks

asked Jun 1, 2018
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Good Morning, I'm trying to think of a way to set the username of some of our users who have multiple first and last names. For example, Juan Carlos De Vega. The first ... very first name and last 7 of the very last name? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

asked Dec 28, 2017
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We are receiving the following error when we attempt to add an Office 365 tenant into Adaxes. I'm able to log in fine via the powershell module. Here are the following ... of each of these, but receive the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

commented Mar 2, 2017
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How are people going about configuring employees transferring or being promoted? Right now our HR is responsible for submitting the user creation forms, which in return kick off our ... , and have it remove all groups and add the new position groups? Thanks!

asked Feb 16, 2017
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Hello, I am looking for assistance in modifying our user creation script. When users with multiple names are being created for example, Jesus ... "$uniqueUsername@$domaiName") $Context.LogMessage("User Logon Name: $uniqueUsername@$domaiName", "Information")

commented Sep 30, 2016
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Good Afternoon, I've created a scheduled task to run once that a day that goes through and disables accounts older than 12 weeks and sends a ticket to the helpdesk to see ... to figure out how or why this happened when looking at the task and custom command.

commented Mar 1, 2016
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Good Morning, On our help desk's actions they have two options, "Add to Group" and "Modify User". When they attempt to add a user to a group with "Add to group", ... help desk security role full access to group objects, but still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

commented Feb 24, 2016
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Hello, Currently we are using the script from another topic to add a number to the username counting up until it finds a unique name. However, we need the username to still ... changed to " + $userLogonName ` + ".", "Information") Thanks for the assistance.

asked Feb 9, 2016
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