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Hello We have a problem with exporting to CSV. Running the "All Users" report for a user who only has access rights on users through a business unit, selecting them all and exporting ... to .csv-format". If i only select 10 and export, it works. Any ideas?

answered Feb 13, 2014
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Hi When one of our admins create a user through the webinterface, the following error appears, and the user is not created: Access to the attribute is not permitted because ... is owned by the Security Accounts Manager (SAM). (Server: domain.local) Any ideas?

answered Jun 4, 2013
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Is it possible to update a Propery Pattern using a powershell script? If a new department OU is created, is it possible to automaticly update the User Pattern's Department property to reflect that a new department has been added?

answered Jan 29, 2013
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