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I'm trying to retrive the Microsoft 365 License product name in a report as the 'Office 365 License' attribute in Adaxes shows each individual licensed product e.g. ... 365 F3"} } $productnames = $productnames -join ", " $Context.Value = $productnames

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I'm running into the following error when I run the command: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression. Stack trace < ... %distinguishedName% # Execute the Custom Command $user.ExecuteCustomCommand($commandID, $commandArguments) '''

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Hi Support, I'm trying to use adaxes to send a couple of branded emails with User information such as UPN and First name. I've written some HTML email code but would ... <table class="wrapper" width="100%" cellspacing="0" align=center cellpadding="0">

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We're trying to setup a new action in our Web interface that runs on User's that are currently in an OU called 'New Starters' that is in all of our domains (An ... no results, There are no other fields we can use that are unique to accounts in those OUs

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I've got the following script as part of a larger piece where param-members is an AD Object picker list seperated by a ' ; ' currently: New-DistributionGroup -Name ... or convert that to username but I'm struggling to achieve that with multiple Users selected

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I'm trying to create a new command that can apply to User objects across multiple domains that are in OUs with the same 'Name' i.e. an OU called Directors that occurs in ... t seem to make it work with just contains 'OU Name' i.e. (distinguishedname=OU Name)

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I'm trying to setup a quick automations to drop a notification into a Micrsoft Teams feed using their Webhook integration. I've managed to make Webhooks work ... -body $body -ContentType 'application/json' Any assistance with this would be gratefully received

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