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Hi Support-Team, our Log Databases actually runs on SQL DB in Compatibility Level 100 (SQL 2008), we'd like to raise the level to 130 (SQL 2016). Is that possible without any issues or is there anything that needs to converted or adjusted? Thanks Markus

asked Jun 9
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Hello Support, i've got two questions: I'd like to integrate the Threema API ( for sending messages instead of sending ... front type and size for the exchange automatic reply when using the Adaxes? Thanks Markus

commented Mar 16
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Hey Support, i hope you can help me with this and how to build it in Adaxes. I want to have a one click action, like a custom command, in the web interface that ... (static) group B Update the members dynamic groups C & D Thanks for your assistance, Markus

answer selected Nov 29, 2021
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Hello, i have an powerhell variable that contains a hashtable. Is there a way to add the content of this hashtable to an adm- ... @{"adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1"=$hashtable} -AdaxesService localhost Thanks for your assistance!

commented Mar 18, 2021
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