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Hi, We encounter an error on one of our Adaxes service (Adaxes 2016 3.7.13430) when activating Licence for new user : Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.CommandProcessingException: The ... stack trace --- Any idea ? Thank you in advance for your help regards

asked Sep 20, 2017
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Hi all, I'm currently developing a custom command to allow admins to relocate user across different AD domains. To clarify the context, we have an AD forest with 3 child domains. ... ? Or a built'in method I would not have seen ? Thanks in advance :) Regards

commented Jul 5, 2017
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Hi all, We are facing an issue when on user creation through Adaxes web service. The problem is, we have special characters (ampersand) in some company name : e.g ... another way to pass this special character in my request ? Thank you in advance Regards

commented May 19, 2017
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Hi guys, We would like to store the user's GUID (after user creation through web services) to be able to query the user afterwards. How to interpret the ... > <value>F4c9c6PjOUKxMyIfXuYoNw==</value> </attr> Thanks for your help Regards

asked May 5, 2017
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Hi guys, We are trying to build an interface between Adaxes and DataExchanger (DEX). Indeed, the idea is to manage users through web services. DEX will get information ... with success. Is there Something to configure ? Thanks in advance for your help Regards

commented May 5, 2017
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Hi guys, We currently have one O365 Tenant configured in Adaxes. We automatically assign an O365 plan (E3) with some services enabled to some users. It would be ... enable Exchange Online and Lync Online for a range of users. Thanks in advance Regards

asked Nov 24, 2016
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Hi guys, We are currently implementing a global HRIS system based on SAP SuccessFactors (SaaS application). This product is provided with a native AD integration (based on BOOMI) ... best way to proceed ? PS Scripts ? Thanks in advance for your help Regards

commented Nov 21, 2016
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Hi guys, I'm facing issues since Adaxes 2015 upgrade on Exchange features. I implemented actions to Edit smtp alias and edit mailbox permissions. After selection of the target ... Exchange servers. I see no error in event log Thanks in advance for your help

commented Jul 29, 2015
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Hi all, I'm facing an issue when adding a new Adaxes service. I already have 3 adaxes Services and I need to setup a new one. The installation process stuck for ... ? I already installed 3 other Adaxes services without prblem... :/ Thanks in advance regards

asked May 6, 2015
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Hi all, I tried to update one of my adaxes server(>2014.1) and I got following error : Failed to connect to the schema master ... ago. I made further upgrade since this server was deleted without problem. Thanks for your help

commented Jan 20, 2015
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Hi all, Since few days, we're facing regularly connection issue between our O365 tenant and Adaxes. A simple restart of the Adaxes service solve the issue, for some days. ... End of inner exception stack trace --- Thanks in advance for your help Kind regards

commented Dec 1, 2014
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Hi all, I already used the import data wizard to create new user but I recently tried to create new user with an account expiration date in the csV. It seems that when ... more easiliy some tasks to other admins. Have a nice day Enjoy your Summer :lol: Regards

commented Aug 6, 2014
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Hi, Hope you're doing well. I played a little bit with the new office 365 feature and I 've a quick question. I create user in AD through Adaxes and I wait the ... after/during activation ? Without using a PS script I mean :) Thanks in advance best regards

commented Jun 11, 2014
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Hi, We have 3 Adaxes services (in 2014.1) and we would like specify 3 different "Web Interface Address". One by Adaxes Service. When I change this parameter for one ... it's modified for each. Is it then desired beahavior ? Thanks in advance Regards, Sebastien

commented May 28, 2014
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Hi, Since I upraded my Adaxes services to 2014.1, my custom command used to delete user (after deprovision) fail. Please find below the error from event log after running ... --- End of inner exception stack trace --- thans in advance for your help Regards

commented May 19, 2014
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Hi, I installed a new adaxes 2014.1 server and restore web interfaces from another server in 2013.2 When I uncheck Operations in Customize Operations windows, there is no ... fine on my 2 others Adaxes servers (in 2013.2) Thanks in advance Regards Sebastien

commented May 8, 2014
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Hi I notice regularly that Adaxes Service memory increase to max. allowed : ( about 8 Gb allowed) and stay until I restart the service (sometimes some days without unloading) With no ... @ 2.67 GHz (x64) Adaxes 2013.2 Have you got any idea ? Best regards

commented Apr 3, 2014
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Hi all, We are looking at the possibility to integrate Adaxes with our IT service management system (based on BMC Remedy). In this case the ITSM system will be the provider ... , or any ideas on how we can deal with ? Thanks in advance Regards Sebastien.

asked Mar 31, 2014
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Hello! Could you say anything about aprox. release date and what functionality you have planned for this release?

commented Feb 24, 2014
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Hi Again, I'm configuring our new Adaxes platform 2013.1 and I have the following error during mailbox creation through admin console and web interface : "Microsoft Exchange is ... ...) through admin console. Any idea ? Thanks for your precious help Regards

commented Dec 20, 2013
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