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About: Now, this doesn't mean that you should never eat! In fact, the key to successful weight loss lies in making sure you're always aware of your hunger cues before you eat. If you watch what you're eating, you'll be much more likely to resist unhealthy habits and gain the willpower to stick to a healthy diet. The psychological problem isn't so much in having a favorite food or craving it so much as the unhealthy habits that get us to eat unhealthy foods in the first place. If you develop and reinforce those unhealthy habits, all the power to you to break free of them lies with you.

To do this, it's important to understand the difference between psychological and physical hunger. Most people confuse the two and make the mistake of trying to eat less when they're truly over-eating. You know you're over-eating when you experience both physical and psychological hunger. When you eat, your brain signals your body to burn calories. But you don't have to consciously intend to over-eat. When you eat too much food, you can't tell your brain that you've had enough.

With these insights into the psychology of weight loss, you can make us all better. If you make us aware of our behaviors, we can choose to lead healthier lives by choosing healthy foods, exercising regularly, and giving up unhealthy vices like over-eating. And the good news is that you don't have to go it alone; you can enroll in a guided weight loss program or simply learn how to listen to your body.

One effective way of making this psychological understanding of obesity work for you is by making us aware of a set point. The set point is the maximum amount of calories we can eat to maintain our weight and keep it within reasonable limits. This set point varies widely from person to person, but most healthy weight gain limits involve about 1200 calories per day. Beyond this, you begin to put stress on your metabolism. To keep yourself at this set point, it's important to choose your foods carefully, exercise regularly, and set limits to your calorie intake.

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