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How do I get domain-admins? Which permission do I need to configure to appear in the group?

asked Dec 20, 2018
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Is it possible to translate these words?

asked Dec 19, 2018
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It was in use and working. And suddenly appeared this message, what can be?

commented Dec 19, 2018
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Can not modify Is the service user DomainAdmins lacking that permission? Do I need to give permission on Adaxes?

answered Dec 18, 2018
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Certificate - non-secure access Accessing the adaxes is with certificate error. How do I get and install the certificate? That way, this unsecure message no longer appears.

commented Dec 15, 2018
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Search - View users from an OU or group Is it possible to configure so that the search only displays users of an OU? Or specific group?

commented Dec 14, 2018
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Language PT-BR To put in my language, the only way is one by one? Do not have a template ready or something?

commented Dec 10, 2018
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