Release Notes for Softerra Adaxes 2018.1

Version: 3.9.15521.0
Release Date: June 21, 2018
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With 2018.1 we're introducing a lot of new features and major improvements making it the biggest release since the original launch of Adaxes. The latest version changes the look and feel of the entire product with a new modern design and significantly improves the UI and UX of both the Web Interface and Administration Console. It's a huge milestone for Adaxes that we're very excited to share with you.

Main Highlights

A lot of things in Adaxes 2018.1, such as the new Web Interface, had to be redone from the ground up and even more things were added as new features. All that significantly changes the user experience you get from Adaxes on practically any level, so there are plenty of new things to check out. Here are the main highlights to look for in the latest update.

New Web Interface

The Web Interface is that first thing you'll notice in Adaxes 2018.1. It now features a new gorgeous design, bringing a much more convenient and intuitive user interface. The new Web UI is now fully responsive, providing a consistent user experience on any device, including phones and tablets. It also got a new architecture, which enables centralized management of all your Web Interfaces, streamlines the backup and restore process and enables the Web Interface to properly work in systems that support scaling, such as Azure Pack.


Adaxes 2018.1 introduces a new reporting platform. It comes with more than 200 built-in reports that are ready to use out-of-the-box, but also allows you to create your own custom ones with a variety of methods, including scripts. To deliver reports to users you can schedule them in a centralized manner or with a self-scheduling option, allowing users to choose by themselves, which reports they want to receive when. Finally, Adaxes brings Report Overviews that combine charts from multiple reports and present them in a single view.

New Features and Improvements

With the latest version we're also introducing several new features, all of which could be a headliner of their own update. For example, Adaxes now supports restoring deleted objects, provides an Undo Delete option, adds Else and Else If statements to conditions, allows setting policies when enabling users for Skype for Business, adds date formatting to value references and more.

Administration Console

The Administration Console is updated with a new design and user interface. It also comes with some great new additions and improvements that enhance the administration experience, such as the new UI for managing AD object properties, improved CSV import, new interface for executing bulk operations, etc.

And More

There are many more improvements included in the latest update that are worth checking out. For more details about what comes with the new version of Adaxes, visit a dedicated What's New page.

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