Release Notes for Softerra Adaxes 2018.2

Version: 3.10.16429
Release Date: March, 2019
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With Adaxes 2018.2 we continue adding great new features and introducing useful improvements to make your user experience with the product even better. In this release we’re introducing new functionality with parameters for Custom Commands, adding more granularity for Office 365 administration by allowing to manage individual services, further polishing the Web Interface and much more.

Main Highlights

Parameters for Custom Commands

One of the main features that’s added with the 2018.2 update are parameters for Custom Commands. They allow you to ask for user input and use the provided info to vary the execution of the command. You can either use parameters in conditions to specify which actions need to be executed depending on the user input, or you can use parameter values within the actions themselves.

Managing Individual Office 365 Services

Adaxes now allows managing individual Office 365 services manually using the Web Interface and Administration Console, as well as automatically using Business Rules, Custom Commands and Scheduled Tasks. To make the management process more user-friendly you can also specify custom display names for Office 365 services.

Multi-Lined Values for Text Properties

Any text property can now be viewed and edited in the Web Interface as a multi-lined. You can also specify multi-lined values when editing property values in Business Rules, Scheduled Tasks and Custom Commands and set default multi-lined values in Property Patterns.

Improved Import

When importing objects, Adaxes now shows a detailed Import Preview, which allows you to review all the objects in a convenient form, select which ones need to be imported and introduce any final edits. Then, if there are any errors when importing objects, Adaxes allows you to go back to the Import Preview where you can see all the objects that require attention, resolve any issues and finish the operation — all in the same dialog.

Web Interface Enhancements

We continue to polish the new Web Interface that was introduced with Adaxes 2018.1. In this release we’re adding the possibility to restore deleted objects via a respective action, improving how the approval requests are displayed, optimizing how the Web UI works on mobile devices, enhancing visual elements of the interface, etc.

And More

There are many more tweaks and improvements that go with the 2018.2 update, like Exchange management improvements, performance boosts, other neat tweaks and updates. To check them out and see more details about the features described above, visit the dedicated What's New page.

Update 1

With Adaxes 2018.2 Update 1 we're introducing multiple fixes to known issues as well as various stability improvements. For more details see the What's New page for Update 1.

Update 2

Adaxes 2018.2 Update 2 comes with performance improvements for the Web Interface Configurator, brings enhanced logging, makes the Web Interface compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and fixes known issues.

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