Release Notes for Softerra Adaxes 2019.2

Version: 3.12.17215
Release date: November 15, 2019
Latest update: Update 2

With Adaxes 2019.2 we continue adding great new features and introducing useful improvements to make the product even better. This release introduces another authentication factor for self-service password reset, two-factor authentication for Web Interface, auditing of sign-in activities and new notification capabilities for approval-based workflows.

Main Highlights

Authenticator app verification for self-password reset

We've added the option to use a mobile authenticator app as a verification method for self-service password reset. With this option enabled, users will be required to open the app on their mobile phone (or any other device) and enter the code displayed in the app to verify their identity.

Adaxes supports the following authenticator apps:

Unlike SMS messages, authenticator apps run locally on the user's device which means that verification codes can't be intercepted on the phone network, code generation is instant and does not require an Internet connection or mobile service.

Password self-service enrollment

We have also improved the user experience during enrollment for password self-service. We have made it a step-by-step process with clear and simple instructions that are easy to follow. To make sure mobile phone numbers are entered correctly, we have added an SMS verification step to it.

Two-factor authentication for Web Interface

We've added the ability to use time-based one-time password verification (via Google Authenticator and other similar apps) as an authentication factor for the Username/Password authentication type in the Web Interface. If enabled, the user will need to install the app on their device and activate it upon the first login. During subsequent logins, after entering their credentials, the user will be asked to enter a code generated by the authenticator app to sign in to the Web Interface.

Monitoring sign-in activity

Starting from the new version, Adaxes will log all user logins to the Web Interface and Web Interface Configurator. It will allow you to track who logs in, who fails to log in, from which host, to which Web Interface, when, etc.

Notification about operations that failed after approval

Now Adaxes will send an email notification to the user who initiated an operation that was submitted for approval, approved but executed with errors. The subject, header and footer of the email notification can be customized according to your needs.

And More

There are more improvements that go with the 2019.2 update. To check them out and see more details about the features described above, visit the dedicated What's New page.

Update 1

Adaxes 2019.2 Update 1 comes with some fixes to known issues. For more details see the What's New page for Update 1.

Update 2

Adaxes 2019.2 Update 2 includes fixes to known issues. For details see the What's New page for Update 2.

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