Release Notes for Softerra Adaxes 2020.1

Version: 3.13.18106
Release date: August 6, 2020
Latest update: Update 2

With Adaxes 2020.1 we continue adding new features and improving existing ones to make your user experience with the product even better. This release features rule-based groups, the ability to approve requests from email notifications, a new editor for binary fields, the dark theme, and a long list of convenience features for the Web Interface.

Main Highlights

Rule-based groups

It is now possible to make your Active Directory groups rule-based. You can set the membership rules for a group and Adaxes will automatically add and remove members according to these rules. As far as AD is concerned, rule-based groups are no different from any other groups. They can be used for the same purposes as ordinary security or distribution groups.

Improvements to approval requests

Approval requests can now be processed directly from email notifications, without logging in to the Web Interface. The approver only needs to click a corresponding button in the email to approve or deny the request. Also, Adaxes now remembers the date when a request was approved, denied, or cancelled. Other improvements include the ability to review and approve picture changes, specify approval reason, and a couple more.

Binary fields in the Web Interface

It is now possible to upload files into binary properties of AD objects from the Web Interface. Adaxes supports and recognizes many popular file formats, like DOC or PDF, and displays them accordingly. Essentially, you can now attach files to user accounts, groups, and other AD objects.

Dark theme

The dark theme is now available for the Web Interface. Users can switch between dark and light themes according to their personal preferences. It is also possible to use the dark theme in the Web Interface Configurator.

Web Interface enhancements

The new update comes with plenty of usability enhancements for the Web Interface. We have added filters for operations, drop-down lists, and search criteria to speed up working with long lists of values. We have also enhanced support for mobile screens and screens with large resolutions to ensure that you get the best Adaxes experience no matter which screen size you are using.

New condition and virtual properties

We have added a new condition that allows you to check the property values of group members who are being added or removed and execute different actions depending on those values. We have also added a number of virtual properties to simplify getting key information about group members who are being added or removed and group owners.

And More

There are a lot more improvements that go with the 2020.1 update. To check them out and see more details about the features described above, visit the dedicated What's New page.

Update 2

In Adaxes 2020.1 Update 2 we have fixed several known issues and improved the overall stability and performance. For more details, see the What's New page for Update 2.

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