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Create an Active Directory Site

May 18, 2020

The script creates a new Active Directory site.

Note: The script uses cmdlets from Adaxes PowerShell module for Active Directory. To run the script, you need to install the PowerShell Module for Active Directory component of Adaxes.

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Import-Module Adaxes

$givenname = "New Site" # TODO: Modify me
$domain = # TODO: Modify me

# Build path to the container with sites
$domainObj = $Context.BindToObject("Adaxes://$domain")
$domainDN = $domainObj.Get("distinguishedName")
$path =  "CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,$domainDN"

# Create a new site
New-AdmObject -Type Site -Name $givenname -Path $path -Server $domain -AdaxesService localhost

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