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Export group members to CSV file

February 26, 2021 Views: 3105

The script exports a list of members of an AD group to a CSV file. The list includes both direct and indirect group members.


  • $csvFilePath - Specifies a full path to the CSV file that will be created by the script. In the path, the {0} placeholder will be replaced with the date and time of the export. You can use value references to specify a path. They will be replaced with corresponding property values of the group whose memberships are exported. For example, if you specify %name%, this text will be replaced with the group name.
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$csvFilePath = "\\server\share\%name%_MembershipReport-{0}.csv" # TODO: Modify me

$now = [System.DateTime]::Now.ToString("yyyy.MM.dd.HH.mm.ss")
$csvFilePath = [System.String]::Format($csvFilePath, $now)

# Get group members
    $memberGuidsBytes = $Context.TargetObject.GetEx("adm-MembersGuid")
    $Context.LogMessage("The group has no members. No CSV file will be created.", "Warning")
    return # Exit script

# Build report
$report = @()
foreach ($memberGuidBytes in $memberGuidsBytes)
    # Bind to the group member
    $memberGuid = New-Object "System.Guid" (, $memberGuidBytes)
    $memberGuid = $memberGuid.ToString("B")
    $memberPath = "Adaxes://<GUID=$memberGuid>"
    $member = $Context.BindToObject($memberPath)

    # Add member information to the report
    $memberName = [Softerra.Adaxes.Utils.ObjectNameHelper]::GetObjectName($member, 'IncludeParentPath')

    if ($Context.TargetObject.IsMember($memberPath))
        $membershipType = "Direct"
        $membershipType = "Indirect"
    $memberClass = $member.Class

    $reportEntry = New-Object PSObject
    $reportEntry | Add-Member -Name Name -Value $memberName -MemberType NoteProperty
    $reportEntry | Add-Member -Name Class -Value $memberClass -MemberType NoteProperty
    $reportEntry | Add-Member -Name "Membership Type" -Value $membershipType -MemberType NoteProperty
    $report += $reportEntry

# Export report to CSV
$report | Export-Csv -Path $csvFilePath -NoTypeInformation

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