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Output username of last user who logged on to computer

September 30, 2019

The script outputs username of the last user who logged on to a computer to the Execution Log. To be able to use the script, create a Custom Command configured for the Computer object type that runs the script.

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$win32UserFilter = "NOT SID = 'S-1-5-18' AND NOT SID = 'S-1-5-19' AND NOT SID = 'S-1-5-20'" # Exclude well-known SIDs, such as NETWORK SERVICE

if (!(Test-Connection -ComputerName "%dNSHostName%" -Quiet))
    $Context.LogMessage("Cannot connect to computer '%dNSHostName%'", "Warning")

# Get the last logged on user
$lastUser = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile -ComputerName "%dNSHostName%" -Filter $win32UserFilter | Sort-Object -Property LastUseTime -Descending | Select-Object -First 1

# Build filter to find the user
$userSID = $lastUser.SID
$filter = [Softerra.Adaxes.Ldap.FilterBuilder]::Create("ObjectSid", $userSID)

# Search user in AD
$domainName = $Context.GetObjectDomain("%distinguishedName%")
$searcher = $Context.BindToObject("Adaxes://$domainName/rootDSE")
$searcher.SearchFilter = $filter
$searcher.SearchScope = "ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE"

    $searchResultIterator = $searcher.ExecuteSearch()
    $searchResults = $searchResultIterator.FetchAll()
    if ($searchResults.Count -eq 0)
        $Context.LogMessage("Cannot find user with SID '$userSID'. Probably, it is a local account.", "Warning")
    # Get Username
    $username = $searchResults[0].Properties["sAMAccountName"].Value
    $Context.LogMessage("Last logged on user: $username", "Information")

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