Active Directory management & automation

Reset Passwords for Multiple Users

Adaxes allows performing different operations on Active Directory objects in bulk. In this tutorial you will learn how to reset passwords for several users at once, specifying a unique password for each user at the same time.

1Launch Adaxes Administration Console and select the users whose passwords you want to reset. Right-click the selection, point to All Tasks, and select Reset Password in the context menu.

Launching the Reset Password dialog

  • If all users you need are located in one OU or Business Unit, select this OU or Business Unit in the Console Tree and then select users in the Result Pane (located on the right).
  • If the users are located in different OUs or in different AD domains, you can add these users to the Basket and then select them there. To add a user to the Basket, right-click this user and click Add to Basket in the context menu or just drag'n'drop this user to the Basket.
  • Also, you can perform a directory search and then select the users you need in the search results.

2 To set a unique password for each user, select the Generate password using template option and specify a template for password generation in the Password template field. Click OK.

The Reset Password dialog

To make passwords unique for every user, you need to use value references (e.g. %username%) in the password template. Before resetting password for a user, Adaxes will replace these value references with the property values of this user. For example, if you specify template '%username%', passwords for all users will be set to the value of their logon name.
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