Active Directory management & automation

Automating Daily Tasks

Adaxes provides effective means for automation of Active Directory management and allows you to avoid performing daily routine operations manually.

Rules for Active Directory Automation

With the help of Business Rules, you can configure Adaxes to automatically execute additional actions when a certain operation is performed in Active Directory. Additional actions are executed only if specific conditions are met and the object, on which the operation is performed, is included in the activity scope of a Business Rule.

Business Rules allow you to automate:

  • changing group membership,
  • creating, moving, sharing and deleting home directories,
  • creating Exchange mailboxes,
  • modifying AD objects based on specific rules,
  • moving AD objects to new locations,
  • enabling or disabling AD accounts,
  • resetting user passwords,
  • executing external programs and PowerShell scripts,
  • sending e-mail notifications,
  • enabling and disabling users for Lync,
  • and more...

Scheduled Tasks for Active Directory Automation

With the help of Scheduled Tasks you can schedule execution of practically any operation on Active Directory objects. A scheduled task periodically executes a set of actions on each Active Directory object included in its activity scope, provided certain conditions are met. Here is a short list of AD management activities that can be automated with the help of Scheduled Tasks:

  • sending account/password expiration notifications via e-mail,
  • notifying account owners and their managers about soon-to-expire accounts,
  • purging Active Directory of inactive user and computer accounts,
  • moving AD objects between Organizational Units if certain conditions are met,
  • adding AD objects to groups based on predefined rules,
  • synchronizing Active Directory with other data sources,
  • updating attributes of AD objects using modification templates, etc.

These tutorials show step-by-step techniques for accomplishing the most frequently performed tasks related to Active Directory automation.

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