Grant Rights to Create and Modify Business Units

To allow users to manage Adaxes configuration objects (Business Units, Scheduled Tasks, Property Patterns, etc.), they must be granted appropriate permissions. The rights to manage configuration objects, like any other rights in Adaxes, are granted with the help of Security Roles. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and assign a Security Role to grant users the ability to create and modify Business Units.

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration Console, right-click your Adaxes service, point to New and click Security Role.

    Enter a name for the new Security Role and click Next.

  2. On the Permissions page, click the arrow inside the Add button and select Manage Business Units.

    Click Next.

  3. On the Assignments step, click Add to assign the Security Role to users.

  4. Select the users and groups whom you want to assign the permissions to, and click Next.

  5. Click Configuration Objects and then click OK.

    When done, click Finish to complete the Assign Role wizard.

  6. Click Finish to complete the Create Security Role wizard.

For instructions on how to create a Business Unit, see Create Business Unit.
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