Active Directory management & automation

Active Directory Self-Service

The means for Active Directory self-service management provided by Adaxes help you move certain responsibilities from administrators and Help Desk to end-users. This allows you to decentralize Active Directory management, save on IT costs, make users self-sufficient and more productive.

Adaxes equips regular users with a secure web-based portal for Active Directory self password resets, personal information updates, employee searches, and self-service group membership management.

Updating Personal Information

The Web Interface for Self-Service enables users to update their own account information, such as phone numbers and home address via a web-based portal. With the help of Security Roles you can control which properties of their accounts users are allowed to modify.

Self Password Reset

Adaxes gives users the ability to securely reset their passwords and unlock accounts without involvement of IT personnel. Users can access the Self Password Reset feature from the Windows Logon screen, from the Sign In page of Adaxes Web Interface, or you can integrate the feature into your own web sites provided they use Active Directory for authentication.
For more details, please see Active Directory Self-Service Password Reset.

Also, using Adaxes Web Interface for Self-Service, users can change their passwords at any time when it is required by the password policy. You can also configure Adaxes to automatically send e-mail notifications to remind users to change their passwords when they are about to expire.

Softerra Adaxes includes a powerful tool for Active Directory search. With this tool any user with appropriate rights can search Active Directory for their colleagues and contacts using a standard web browser.

Self-Service Group Membership Management

Adaxes allows you to delegate group membership management functions to regular users. Using Security Roles you can define who can manage which groups in Active Directory. If necessary, you can control the whole process with the help of approvals and notifications.

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