Active Directory management & automation

Simplifying Data Entry

Adaxes provides features that allow you to facilitate and speed up the process of creation and modification of objects in Active Directory. With the help of Property Patterns you can define rules for automatic generation of AD object properties, specify a list of possible values for a property, set default values, etc. This allows avoiding repetitive entering of the same information and helps you maintain Active Directory data consistency. Also, with the help of Property Patterns, you can define formatting constraints for AD object properties. The constraints prevent users from entering data that do not correspond to the established corporate standards.

The flexible assignment mechanism allows making a Property Pattern effective only for AD objects that correspond to certain criteria, members of specific AD groups, objects located in a specific AD domain or OU, etc. This enables you to make different Property Patterns effective for different Active Directory objects.

Property Patterns allow to:

  • automatically generate values of AD object properties using templates (e.g. %firstname% %lastname%),
  • define a list of possible values for an AD property,
  • make an AD property required (without changing the AD schema),
  • define default values for AD properties,
  • define formating constraints for property values,
  • and more...

These tutorials show you various techniques for facilitating, simplifying and speeding up the creation and modification of AD objects.

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