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Predefine Selection of Exchange Mailbox Stores

Adaxes allows you to specify how Exchange mailbox stores are selected by default when creating new mailboxes for AD users. You can specify what mailbox stores are allowed to use and how to distribute new mailboxes between these stores. For example, you may want the mailbox store that contains the least number of mailboxes to be always selected by default when creating new mailboxes.

To specify how you want Adaxes to select Exchange mailbox stores by default, you need to update the built-in Property Pattern for AD users called 'User Pattern'.

1 Launch Adaxes Administration Console, expand
Adaxes service \ Configuration \ Property Patterns \ Builtin and select User Pattern.

Selecting the built-in Property Pattern

2 In the Result Pane (located on the right), right-click the Exchange Mailbox Store property and click Edit in the context menu.

Property Pattern item context menu

3 In the Edit Property Pattern Item dialog, specify allowed mailbox stores and how to select these stores by default when creating Exchange mailboxes.

  • To allow creation of Exchange mailboxes in specific mailbox stores only, select the Allow only specified mailbox stores option.
  • In the list below, uncheck the mailbox stores that you don't want to be used for creation of Exchange mailboxes.
  • In the drop-down list located below, select the method you want to be used for default selection of mailboxes.
  • Click OK.

Modifying property pattern item

When creating an Exchange mailbox for an AD user, Adaxes will allow using only the mailbox stores that belong to the Exchange servers installed in the AD domain of the user.

4 You can also modify the template for the generation of Exchange mailbox aliases:

  • Right-click the Property Pattern item for the Exchange Alias property.
  • Click Edit in the context menu.
  • Modify the template and click OK.

When finished, click Save changes.

Save the Property Pattern

With the help of Adaxes it is also possible to automate the creation of Exchange mailboxes. For details, see Automate Exchange Mailboxes Creation for New Users.

You may want to specify different rules for selection of mailbox stores depending, for example, on the OU where the user is located. In this case, you need to do the following:

1 Delete the Property Pattern item for the Exchange Mailbox Store property from the built-in Property Pattern 'User Pattern'.

2 Create a new Property Pattern. Add a Property Pattern item for the Exchange Mailbox Store property and specify desired parameters for the mailbox store selection.


Make the new Property Pattern effective in a specific Organizational Unit.

4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create another Property Pattern and make this Property Pattern effective in another Organizational Unit.

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