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Hide Specific Active Directory Reports

Adaxes Active Directory Web Interface includes a wide variety of Active Directory reports for many tasks related to analysis and monitoring of the Active Directory environment. If you don't use some of the reports, you can configure the Web Interface not to display them, thus simplifying the user interface. If necessary, you can completely disable the Active Directory Reports feature in the Web Interface.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the visibility of Active Directory reports in the Adaxes Web Interface.

On the computer, where the Web Interface is installed, start the Web Interface Customization tool.

In the Interface type drop-down list, select the Web Interface you want to configure.

Activate the Reports tab.

To hide a specific Active Directory report or a group of reports, uncheck it.

To disable the Active Directory Reports feature, select the Disable AD Reports check box. If this case, the Reports tab will be hidden in the Web Interface, and users will not be able to generate Active Directory reports.

For more details on how to disable other features in the Web Interface, see Disable specific Web Interface components.

When finished, click Apply.
There is no need to restart IIS to apply the changes, as the changes are applied automatically.
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