The ADS_OPTION_ENUM enumeration contains values that indicate the options that can be retrieved or set with the
IADsObjectOptions::GetOption and IADsObjectOptions::SetOption methods.


    ADS_OPTION_SERVERNAME                = 0,  //0x0
    ADS_OPTION_REFERRALS                 = 1,  //0x1
    ADS_OPTION_PAGE_SIZE                 = 2,  //0x2
    ADS_OPTION_SECURITY_MASK             = 3,  //0x3
    ADS_OPTION_MUTUAL_AUTH_STATUS        = 4,  //0x4
    ADS_OPTION_QUOTA                     = 5,  //0x5
    ADS_OPTION_PASSWORD_METHOD           = 7,  //0x7


  • Flag

  • Description


  • Gets a String that contains the host name of the server for the current binding to this object. This option is not supported by the IADsObjectOptions::SetOption method.


  • Gets or sets an integer value that indicates how referral chasing is performed in a query. This option can contain one of the values defined by the ADS_CHASE_REFERRALS_ENUM enumeration.


  • Gets or sets an integer value that indicates the page size in a paged search.


  • Gets or sets an integer value that controls the security descriptor data that can be read on the object. This option can contain any combination of the values defined in the ADS_SECURITY_INFO_ENUM enumeration.


  • Gets an integer value that determines if mutual authentication is performed by the SSPI layer. If the returned option value contains the ISC_RET_MUTUAL_AUTH flag, then mutual authentication has been performed. If the returned option value does not contain the ISC_RET_MUTUAL_AUTH flag, then mutual authentication has not been performed.


  • Enables the effective quota and used quota of a security principal to be read. This option takes a String value that contains the security principal that the quotas can be read for. If the security principal string is empty, the security principal is the currently logged on user. This option is only supported by the ADsObjectOptions::SetOption method.


  • Retrieves or sets an integer value that contains the port number that ADSI uses to establish a connection when the password is set or changed. By default, ADSI uses port 636 to establish a connection to set or change the password.


  • Retrieves or sets integer values that specify the password encoding method. This option can contain one of the values defined in the ADS_PASSWORD_ENCODING_ENUM enumeration.


  • Contains a Boolean value that specifies if attribute value change operations should be accumulated. By default, when an attribute value is modified more than one time, the previous value change operation is overwritten by the more recent operation. If this option is set to TRUE, each attribute value change operation is accumulated in the cache. When the attribute value updates are committed to the server with the IADs::SetInfo method, each individual accumulated operation is sent to the server.


Minimum required version: 2009.1

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