Install Adaxes ADSI Provider

If you install any Adaxes component (Adaxes Service, Administration console, Web interface, etc), Adaxes ADSI Provider is installed by default. This article explains how to install only Adaxes ADSI Provider, without installing other Adaxes components.

To install Adaxes ADSI Provider using the Installation Wizard:

  1. Launch the Adaxes Installation Wizard.

  2. On the Components page, deselect all components.

    Install ADSI Provider

  3. Click Next and finish the installation by following the instructions in the wizard.

Command Line Installation

To install Adaxes ADSI Provider in an unattended mode, run the following command at the command prompt:

msiexec /quiet /i "<path>adaxes.msi" ADDLOCAL=AdaxesFeature


<path> is the directory path where the MSI file is located.

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