Active Directory management & automation
Should Executives Have Admin Rights


To give or not to give — that is the question.

Here’s a common dilemma. One day your boss comes into the IT department and asks you for admin rights. Because the boss needs to be in control and be able to do and access everything in the IT environment. So, what do you do? Just add the account to the default administrators group and hope for the best?

Webinar. User Lifecycle Mismanagement: Why It’s Killing Your Company

This webinar is about solving the problem of user mismanagement in Active Directory. Nick, Anton and Eugene go over the typical problems that most IT environments have, explain how to tackle them and what tools to use.

How to Manage Active Directory from Linux or macOS

Active Directory is one of the best products Microsoft has ever released. It is a basis for thousands and thousands of IT environments all around the world. However, to provide efficient AD management you usually had to limit yourself to the OS on your actual working computer — Windows.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Active Directory Management


For over 1.5 years we have been bringing you Active Directory tips and tricks on a daily basis via Twitter. Based on that experience and using your feedback we have gathered a list of top-10 useful advices that will help you improve your AD management experience.

6 Months with Adaxes


Adam Fowler is an IT expert who reviewed Adaxes back in January 2016. After the review he was impressed enough with the product to actually buy a license and he was using Adaxes since then in his actual work environment. Now he shares his impressions after six months of active usage.

Success Story: Wake County

This success story is provided by our consultants, Nextware Technology, who have helped Wake County to implement Adaxes and overcome all technical challenges they faced.

Standardizing Active Directory Attributes with ADAC and PowerShell


146 attributes. On a Server 2012R2 domain with Exchange, a new user has 146 attributes ready to be populated. The more data put into Active Directory, the more useful it becomes. Consider an employee trying to find a colleague in the Global Address Book. If your user accounts contain job titles, locations, and account pictures, finding someone becomes a snap.

Cleanup Active Directory with PowerShell

Recently we showed you how to cleanup Active Directory using Adaxes. Today we are going to take a different approach - cleanup Active Directory using PowerShell. In this article we are going to be focusing on finding, reporting and managing inactive users, computers, groups and OUs.

5 AD Tasks You Should Automate Now!


Automation should go alongside with any IT system. You simply can’t afford to ignore it, and if you do, eventually you’ll lose out. There might be many reasons why you might not have automation present in your environment yet. But there’s absolutely no excuse for not starting to implement it right now.

This article will tell you about five tasks in AD you can begin your automation route with. It’s an easy way to start saving time, be more efficient and eventually become the sysadmin rock star you deserve to be.

A Practical Guide to Organizing Active Directory


Your Active Directory structure defines your organization. Is it flexible? Does it easily adapt to innovation? Or is it rigid with boundaries preventing growth?

Think carefully about these questions. You can see just how important it is for you to have an Active Directory structure that exceeds the needs of your environment. Unfortunately, Active Directory organization is not a simple black and white choice.

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