Active Directory management & automation
Why Adaxes

Softerra Adaxes is a comprehensive solution for Active Directory management, administration and monitoring.

Softerra Adaxes enables you to automate, streamline, and secure Active Directory provisioning.

Softerra Adaxes includes an Active Directory Web Interface that ensures access to Active Directory via web browser as well as enables user self-service and help-desk activities.

The Password Self-Service feature of Adaxes eliminates the biggest source of help desk calls - forgotten passwords and locked out accounts.

Softerra Adaxes guarantees high-performance Active Directory identity management for your enterprise due to:

  • rates Adaxes 5 out of 5
    nuno mota
    Nuno Mota

    Nuno Mota is an Exchange MVP working as a Senior Microsoft Messaging Consultant for a UK IT Services Provider in London.

    He specialises in Exchange, Lync, Active Directory and PowerShell. rates Adaxes
    5 out of 5 for its Exchange capabilities.

    "Adaxes turns complex, multi-step operations into one-click actions. It is a powerful tool with vast automation capabilities, yet it is easy to configure and so intuitive to use. With all of this, Adaxes is possibly the best method to delegate and automate Exchange tasks."

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  • Windows Networking Gold Award
    mitch tulloch
    Mitch Tulloch

    Mitch Tulloch is the lead author of the Windows 7 Resource Kit from Microsoft Press and is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration, networking, and security.

    Mitch has published over three hundred articles with IT pro sites and magazines, and has written two dozen books.

    Adaxes received a maximum
    of 5 out of 5 stars from

    "In conclusion, I have to say that Softerra Adaxes is a real winner when it comes to empowering mid- and large-sized organizations for streamlined and efficient Active Directory data management. I therefore rate this product 5 out of 5 – i.e. award it Gold Award and can recommend it without hesitation."

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  • 2013 Info Security's Global Excellence Awards Gold Winner
    Softerra Adaxes has been named Gold Winner in 2013 Global Excellence Awards!

    Softerra Adaxes gained global recognition for excellence in 9th Annual Info Security’s Global Excellence Industry Awards and received a prestigious Gold Winner status in Identity Management Category.

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Key Benefits
Increased Security
Increased Security
The Active Directory security is significantly increased due to the role-based security administration model, approval-based workflow, and automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.
Reduced Workload
Reduced Workload
Automated daily tasks and streamlined provisioning allow to avoid time-consuming actions for IT staff. The easy-to-use Self-Service Web Interface enables users to maintain their personal information themselves without involving IT personnel.
Standardized AD Environment
Standardized AD Environment
The use of auto-generation patterns and formatting constraints for object creation and modification ensures that AD resources comply with the established enterprise standards.
Audit and Monitoring
Efficient Audit and Monitoring
Comprehensive tracking capabilities and reporting facilities enable analysis and monitoring of the enterprise resources making Active Directory more regulated and elaborated.

What Users Say about Adaxes

The more I use Adaxes the more impressed I am.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you've got a fantastic product that's easy to pick and and brilliantly flexible once you start understanding what you can do!
Adaxes forum user
We've really been leveraging Adaxes over here. It's been a real asset
Patrick Stasko
Netsmart Technologies
We've been using Adaxes for around 4 months and love the product. We're still finding things we can automate every week and I know it has saved us a lot of time.
James Warburton