Active Directory management & automation
Why Adaxes

Softerra Adaxes is a comprehensive solution for Active Directory management, administration and monitoring.

Softerra Adaxes enables you to automate, streamline, and secure Active Directory provisioning.

Softerra Adaxes includes an Active Directory Web Interface that ensures access to Active Directory via web browser as well as enables user self-service and help-desk activities.

The Password Self-Service feature of Adaxes eliminates the biggest source of help desk calls - forgotten passwords and locked out accounts.

Softerra Adaxes guarantees high-performance Active Directory identity management for your enterprise due to:

  • adam bertram
    Adam Bertram

    Adam Bertram is an independent consultant, technical writer, trainer and presenter. Adam specializes in consulting and evangelizing all things IT automation mainly focused around Windows PowerShell. Adam is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP, 2015 PowerShell hero and has numerous Microsoft IT pro certifications. He authors IT pro course content for Pluralsight, is a regular contributor to numerous print and online publications and presents at various user groups and conferences

    A Review Of Softerra’s Adaxes AD Automation Software

    "This is truly an amazing product. The attention to detail is astounding. The fact that they even included a nice PowerShell script editor built into the product clearly feels like they aren’t considering PowerShell a competitor like some other automation products but rather a complement to finish off the last mile of automation for their customers.

    If you’re an AD administrator, I whole-heartedly think you should give Adaxes a try."

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  • Paul Cunningham
    Paul Cunningham

    Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, specializing in Exchange Server and Office 365, and is the publisher of Exchange Server Pro. He lives in Brisbane, Australia, and works as a consultant, writer and trainer.

    Product Review: Softerra Adaxes

    "Once I saw Adaxes in action I realized it would very easily replace many of the native management tools that IT admins use, such as AD Users & Computers, the Exchange Admin Center, and the collection of custom scripts that tend to build up over time. ... Personally, if I was implementing automation for Active Directory and Exchange administration by an IT operations team today, I would seriously consider building it on Adaxes.

    If you’re an AD administrator, I whole-heartedly think you should give Adaxes a try."

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  • jeff hicks
    Jeffery Hicks

    Jeffery Hicks is an IT veteran with almost 25 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT infrastructure consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis in automation and efficiency. He is a multi-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award in Windows PowerShell.

    Softerra Adaxes Review: An Active Directory Management and Automation Solution

    "The ability to build workflows and automation to typical management tasks is a very compelling reason to give Adaxes a try. If you can carve out the time to get everything configured the way you need it, I think the product will make you a much more efficient and happier administrator."

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  • Sander Berkouwer
    Sander Berkouwer

    Sander Berkouwer is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over a decade of experience in IT.

    Softerra Adaxes – Automating Active Directory management

    "Adaxes Active Directory Management offers many advantages over the plain Active Directory management features found in Windows Server, especially in environments with multiple domains and/or forests. Every Active Directory admin will appreciate the web interface for help desk personnel and the web interface for self-service, with its granular self-service password reset capabilities."

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  • Adam Fowler
    Adam Fowler

    Adam is an IT pro working in the IT industry for over 13 years with a systems, infrastructure and operational service background.

    Softerra Adaxes Identity and Active Directory management Review

    " Overall, I really liked the product and the direction they have taken it. I personally recommend checking it out, and am actually in the process of implementing it in my current workplace as a result of this review, as a paid product!"

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  • Joseph Moody
    Joseph Moody

    Joseph Moody is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Software Packaging, Distribution, and Servicing. He works as an admin and contributes to his own blog

    Active Directory Users and Computers vs Adaxes

    "Adaxes completely refreshes Active Directory object management by providing a complete picture GUI that can control workflow, handle customization, and integrate with multiple tools... This same attention to detail is in each process that Adaxes controls. If I had to bet, the developers of Adaxes were Active Directory administrators that got tired of being inefficient."

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  • Theresa Miller
    Theresa Miller

    Theresa Miller is a blogger at, Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), VMware vExpert, MBA and MS Exchange specialist.

    Simplify your work-life through Active Directory Automation

    "Active Directory Automation is necessary to ensuring that your organization meets your organization security and compliance needs. Also creating better consistency across the objects in the platform. Adaxes simplifies this process ensuring that your corporate needs are not only met, but exceeded."

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  • ITSMDaily award
     Erik Blum
    Erik Blum

    Erik Blum is IT Manager for one of the fortune 500 companies and likes to share his experiences.

    Adaxes receives 5 out of 5 stars award from

    "Softerra Adaxes is the biggest surprise of the last two years. I have never been so excited about a product than now. It can save you a lot of time and even save you a lot of money with the licensing."

    "Adaxes is the right tool to solve your problem"

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  • rates Adaxes 5 out of 5
    nuno mota
    Nuno Mota

    Nuno Mota is an Exchange MVP working as a Senior Microsoft Messaging Consultant for a UK IT Services Provider in London.

    He specialises in Exchange, Lync, Active Directory and PowerShell. rates Adaxes
    5 out of 5 for its Exchange capabilities.

    "Adaxes turns complex, multi-step operations into one-click actions. It is a powerful tool with vast automation capabilities, yet it is easy to configure and so intuitive to use. With all of this, Adaxes is possibly the best method to delegate and automate Exchange tasks."

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  • Windows Networking Gold Award
    mitch tulloch
    Mitch Tulloch

    Mitch Tulloch is the lead author of the Windows 7 Resource Kit from Microsoft Press and is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration, networking, and security.

    Mitch has published over three hundred articles with IT pro sites and magazines, and has written two dozen books.

    Adaxes received a maximum
    of 5 out of 5 stars from

    "In conclusion, I have to say that Softerra Adaxes is a real winner when it comes to empowering mid- and large-sized organizations for streamlined and efficient Active Directory data management. I therefore rate this product 5 out of 5 – i.e. award it Gold Award and can recommend it without hesitation."

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  • Luca Sturlese
    Luca Sturlese

    Luca is an author of the 9to5IT website. He also works full-time in the IT industry as a systems administrator and 3rd level support. He manages and supports a range of technologies, including Active Directory, SCCM Config Manager, Citrix and VMware vSphere.

    Automating User Account Provisioning

    "Adaxes product suite contains many powerful tools and features that will greatly assist you in management and automation of your Active Directory environment.

    ... if I was to recommend a product, from my experience I would have to suggest Softerra Adaxes."

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  • Ratish Nair
    Ratish Nair

    Ratish is a Microsoft MVP and an author at He has over 8 years of experience in a variety of IT operational, administration, support and system consultancy.

    Softerra Adaxes Product Review

    "Adaxes is a wonderful tool which combines multi-step operations into one-click actions. This is flexible and provides enormous automation capabilities with simple methods. It is simple enough to setup and options are self-explanatory. The PowerShell script editor built into the product is a complement to complete the last mile of automation tasks. Adaxes also provides a great and highly customizable user interface which will be used to delegate and automate AD and Exchange tasks easily. If you’re an AD/Exchange administrator, Adaxes is a must have tool."

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Key Benefits
Increased Security
Increased Security

The Active Directory security is significantly increased due to the role-based security administration model, approval-based workflow, and automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

Reduced Workload
Reduced Workload

Automated daily tasks and streamlined provisioning allow to avoid time-consuming actions for IT staff. The easy-to-use Self-Service Web Interface enables users to maintain their personal information themselves without involving IT personnel.

Standardized AD Environment
Standardized AD Environment

The use of auto-generation patterns and formatting constraints for object creation and modification ensures that AD resources comply with the established enterprise standards.

Audit and Monitoring
Efficient Audit and Monitoring

Comprehensive tracking capabilities and reporting facilities enable analysis and monitoring of the enterprise resources making Active Directory more regulated and elaborated.

What Users Say about Adaxes

The screen are clean and tidy in the best tradition of Softerra :-) and the all product seems logical and well organized.
Giovanni Baruzzi
Syntlogo GmbH
I like the features of Adaxes and would love to use it in our LDAP environment.
Mike Singleton
Credit One Bank
Administering AD objects, your application's a champ in my book.
Edward Gonzalez
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