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Directory management

No matter how hard you try, you cannot automate everything, even with Adaxes. This is why Adaxes provides you with the tools to make the leftover manual tasks in Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID, Exchange, and Microsoft 365 as efficient and pleasant as possible.

From resetting passwords and changing user properties to assigning Microsoft 365 licenses and managing mailboxes – any task can be streamlined for swift execution.

Manage everything in the Web interface

Adaxes Web interface enables you to truly experience your environment as a single ecosystem. Active Directory domains from different forests, Microsoft Entra domains, Microsoft 365 tenants, Exchange – everything is at your fingertips using just a web browser.

Forget about toggling between different admin portals, remoting into different computers, or executing complex PowerShell scripts to fulfill your management duties. You have a single UI for every task, and every operation you need is just a couple clicks away.

Single Web interface for everything
Single Web interface for everything

The Web interface is fully customizable. You can place the most frequently used operations and most important directory objects onto quick access panes, remove unused actions, customize forms and views, change the visual appearance, etc.

With all the customization options on the table, the Web interface can be made to feel as an integral part of your environment, not a third-party product. You can build upon this solid foundation to cover any management scenario.

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Bulk management

One of such scenarios is bulk management. For example, resetting the password of multiple users at once. A mundane task, it seems. But what if some of the users are in Microsoft Entra ID, and others are scattered across multiple Active Directory domains. It turns out there is a lot of clicking involved. But not with Adaxes.

The Web interface has plenty of ways to make bulk actions actually save time, not waste it even more on looking for objects you need. Simple and advanced searches, object grouping, sorting and filtering, a basket for hand-picking totally unrelated objects – all these options are there to ensure that executing an operation on many users takes to longer than on one.

Bulk management from report results
Bulk management from report results

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Custom management workflows

Some of your typical management tasks may consist of more than a single action. Adaxes lets you combine action sequences into custom commands, effectively converting these sequences into one-click moves. Custom commands can also have parameters – to request user input and perform the workflow differently depending on this input.

For example, when you deprovision a user, you need to disable their account, revoke all Microsoft 365 licenses, remove them from all groups, reset their password, etc. A custom command makes this process a no-brainer. You simply select a user, pick the deprovisioning date, and Adaxes does the rest for you.

PowerShell scripts can be integrated into custom commands just like any other actions. This is as close to a no-code solution as you can get. If you decide to delegate such a workflow to other users, they won't even know there are scripts running under the hood.

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Delegating management tasks

Speaking of delegation, the Web interface does not require the end users to understand Active Directory, nor does it require them to learn the UI of multiple admin consoles.

The truth is, many routine tasks in AD, Exchange, and Microsoft 365 are all about ensuring your employees get the tools to do their job. The problem – noone except the IT department is usually equipped to handle these routine tasks. The solution – Adaxes.

As long as you keep the permissions of your end users in check, you can safely delegate any management task. It can be the HR team, the helpdesk team, or even department managers. Just. Not. The admins. The admins will have plenty of free time to pursue important corporate goals.

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Perfecting management with automation

Even though manual tasks will remain, who said you cannot simplify them with automation? If you have a standardized worklfow, say, after creating a user, you only need to kick-start this process. Every other step in the workflow can be executed automatically by Adaxes.

Such automated workflows can be indispensable when it comes to reducing the number of menus and dialogs you need to click through every day.

Every feature of Adaxes is designed to complement each other. Each can be a surgical tool or a force multiplier, letting you shape your environment with ease instead of slogging away at it. You don't need to use every Adaxes feature to boost your productivity beyond expecations. But once you try it, you will wonder how did you even get by without it before.

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