Active Directory management & automation
  • 19 years of experience in identity management
  • Industry-leading products for Active Directory enterprise networks
  • 50,000+ customers in numerous industries worldwide
  • Global presence: resellers or consultants in every corner of the world
  • Transparent financial policy: no hidden fees or extra costs
  • Free premium support from highly skilled professionals

Since 1999, over 50,000 organizations of all sizes have relied on Softerra for high-performance directory management solutions and time-saving services to reduce their IT workload and to enhance their business potential. Among our global customers are:

Bank of America, HSBC, Zuercher Kantonalbank, Wells Fargo
Telecom, Network & Communications
AT&T, Polar Communications, Qualcomm Inc., Avaya-SAP, T-Systems, Verizon Business
Insurance & Finance
State Farm Insurance, ING, AXA Group, SEI Investments, Helvetia Patria Versicherungen, Allianz
Federal Government
NASA, US Federal Aviation Administration, USAMRMC
Local Governments & Non- Profit
City of Brampton, Bureau of the Public Debt, Teachers' Retirement System
Car Manufacturers
BMW Group, Audi AG, Toyota Motor, Mercedes-Benz
Food, Drink & Tobacco
The Hershey Company, Cargill Inc., British American Tobacco GSD
Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, Princeton University
Siemens Group, Hewlett-Packard, Robert Bosch GmbH
Fuel & Energy
Chevron Corporation, Centrica Plc, PacifiCorp, Shell
Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing Company, Airbus Deutschland
UnitedHealth Group, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield
IT Companies
IBM Corporation, Dell Inc., E.ON IS GmbH, Oracle, Adobe

Upon the development of the world-wide famous Softerra LDAP Administrator, Softerra deployed its deep understanding of identity management problem domain and the latest technology innovation in creating another advanced product for Active Directory enterprise networks - Softerra Adaxes.

The creation of Softerra Adaxes was inspired by our mission: to make the complex simple and to provide a single cost-saving solution that would resolve all AD management issues fast and easily, without any complicated integration and hidden fees for complementary services.

Contact us to learn more about Softerra products and services as well as partnership opportunities and business relationship models.

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