Active Directory management & automation

Softerra Adaxes includes a wide variety of features essential to create a reliable and secure environment for streamlined and automated Active Directory management. Some of the most popular features include:

Active Directory Management

Enhanced Administration Environment

The enhanced environment for Active Directory identity management allows IT personnel to manage AD more efficiently using advanced object modification facilities, multi-object operations, cross-domain search capabilities and other useful features.

Active Directory Web Interface

Active Directory Web Interface provided by Softerra Adaxes allows administrators, help desk personnel, and regular users to access Active Directory via a standard web browser to perform administrative tasks, update personal information, search for users and objects, etc.

Adaxes includes separate Web Interfaces for Administrators, Help Desk, and Self-Service. For each of the roles, you can configure how Active Directory objects are displayed, customize forms for object creation and editing, configure the search and browsing capabilities, enable or disable specific Web Interface components, configure Active Directory reports, and much more.

User Self-Service

Using the Adaxes Web Interface users can perform Active Directory self-service activities, like update own personal information and change own password, search the directory, and execute other operations, for which they have sufficient permissions.

Self Password Reset

The Self Service Password Reset feature allows users to perform self password reset without any assistance. To validate users' identity, Adaxes uses robust identity-verification methods: Security Questions & Answers and SMS Verification. To prevent hacker attacks to the self-password reset system, Adaxes provides a number of strong and reliable security measures.

Maintain Consistency and Enforce Standards

Softerra Adaxes provides Property Patterns that allow applying formatting constraints to Active Directory objects, determine possible values for object properties, and compose some values automatically on the basis of the existing ones. This facilitates object creation and modification and helps to maintain Active Directory data consistency.

Custom Views of Active Directory Resources

Softerra Adaxes allows users to unite AD objects in virtual collections called Business Units without modifying the structure of the Active Directory. Business Units are dynamic collections that include objects with the help of flexible membership rules, so newly created objects that correspond to their membership rules are automatically added to them. Business Units provide a possibility to manage collectively AD objects with similar functions or position, but from different locations.

Scheduled Tasks

Adaxes provides the ability to schedule the launch of various Active Directory tasks at predefined times or after specified time intervals. Such tasks can include sending account or password expiration notifications, deleting inactive accounts, maintaining group membership, synchronizing AD with external data sources, and much more. For details, see Scheduled Tasks.

Custom Commands

With Adaxes, you can create your own Custom Commands to perform complex and routine Active Directory management tasks unique to your working environment. A Custom Command can execute multiple actions in a single turn. Custom Commands can modify objects, change their group membership, execute scripts, create mailboxes and home folders, move objects, etc. If necessary, certain Custom Command actions can be performed only if specific conditions are met. Users can execute Custom Commands just as they execute any other operations in the Web Interface and Adaxes Administration Console.

PowerShell Module for Active Directory

The Adaxes PowerShell module enables administrators to perform Active Directory management from the command line. The PowerShell module of Softerra Adaxes helps you to automate Active Directory tasks like creating, updating or deleting objects, modifying group membership, provisioning new user accounts, etc.

Active Directory Security

Role-Based Security Administration

Softerra Adaxes provides the role-based security model that allows granular management and distribution of permissions on Active Directory objects. Permissions are combined into Security Roles according to the powers the permissions grant. When Security Role permissions are modified, these changes affect all users or groups, to which the Role is assigned. In such a way, permissions can be managed centrally which makes Active Directory delegation more granular, accurate, and secure.

Approval-Based Workflow

Approval-based model enables administrators to define operations that should be executed only after their execution is approved by a responsible person.

Logging of User Actions

All operations performed via Adaxes service are logged in the Service Log. Administrators and auditors can view who performed what operations, when, on what objects, etc.

Enhanced Password Management

Adaxes allows you to configure and manage Fine-Grained Password Policies using an intuitive and friendly user interface. When changing or resetting passwords, users can view the password requirements, have the option to generate a strong password, and, if they need to communicate the password on the telephone, Adaxes helps them to spell it out. If you use Anixis Password Policy Enforcer, users will see the password restrictions enforced by the software and, if a password is rejected, a clear and understandable reason for the rejection is displayed.

Active Directory Reports

Active Directory reports preformed by Softerra Adaxes provide information on the AD infrastructure and objects status thus facilitating Active Directory analysis and monitoring. Any report can be generated for all domains, a specific domain, or a specific location in Active Directory.

Active Directory Automation

Automated User Provisioning

All Active Directory provisioning, reprovisioning, and deprovisioning procedures can be performed automatically after a user is created, updated or deleted. This assures that users will timely get all appropriate permissions and be added to necessary groups according to their positions, moved to the AD locations that correspond to their departments, provided home folders and Exchange mailboxes, etc.

Administrative Task Automation

Softerra Adaxes provides efficient means for Active Directory automation.
With the help of Business Rules, Adaxes lets you automatically execute additional actions when a specific operation is performed in Active Directory.

Streamlined AD Object Creation and Modification

Softerra Adaxes allows you to simplify objects creation and modification with the help of Property Patterns. Property Patterns can compose property values of AD objects on the basis of the existing properties according to the defined patterns. This allows you to specify only a few basic properties of AD objects, and the rest of them will be generated automatically on the fly.

Integration and Extensibility

Exchange Management & Automation

Adaxes provides outstanding means to automate the creation and management of mailboxes, distribution lists, and mail-enabled recipients in Microsoft Exchange. Apart from the automation features, Adaxes includes a web-based interface, using which users can easily manage recipients in multiple Exchange servers from a centralized web-based administrative console. For details, see Exchange management and automation.

Office 365 Automation and Management

With the ability to automatically assign and revoke Office 365 licenses, configure Office 365 mailboxes and control user access to the enterprise Office 365 tenant, Adaxes enables you to fully automate user provisioning, deprovisioning and ongoing maintenance of access to Office 365 services. Management of Office 365 accounts, Exchange Online mailboxes and Active Directory identities is centralized in a single web-based management interface. For more details, see Office 365 Automation and Management

Automated Provisioning for Lync

With Adaxes you can automate the process of enabling and disabling users for Lync. For example, when a new user account is created in Active Directory, Adaxes will automatically enable the user for Lync. During user deprovisioning, Adaxes can automatically Lync-disable the user. Adaxes supports Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013.

SPML Integration

SPML Support provided by Softerra Adaxes allows integrating Adaxes in SPML-enabled provisioning systems. This enables Adaxes to exchange provisioning data with SPML-compliant identity providers without complex and costly integration.

Custom Scripts with ADSI Provider

The Adaxes ADSI Provider allows using the features of Softerra Adaxes to develop custom functionality that meets specific company needs.

Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance

Softerra Adaxes allows installing several Adaxes services that share their configuration. Users connect to the nearest available Adaxes service to avoid system overburdening, increase the utilization of network segments, and enhance the system liability.

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