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Softerra Adaxes' support is here to answer any question about the product, help you with the setup and implementation of Adaxes and resolve any technical issues. To ensure the best quality and fastest response times, support is provided by a team of experts who work closely with the Adaxes Development team.

Adaxes Support

Standard Premium
Full access to support during evaluation period
Assistance with configuration setup
Guaranteed response within 24 hours on business days
Personal support account manager
Priority case handling
Free Comes with the purchase of
Annual Maintenance and Support

Professional Services and Onsite Support

If your organization requires additional research or onsite presence to implement Adaxes, Softerra offers a wide network of trusted partners that are able to provide you with professional services. This can include product guiding and training, help with complicated setup scenarios that require custom solutions to fit your IT environment specific needs, performance advices, etc.

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What Users Say About Support

Best support i have ever seen!

Alexander Bernhard Ruf
Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbH

I wanted to write a quick thank you to the entire support team. I've been using Adaxes since September, and in that short time I've made a number of posts on your forum. Every one of the responses I've received has been above and beyond what I expected. Full, usable scripts, competent and quick advice, and even solutions for one off, individual problems that are specific to my organization - all delivered quickly.

I am beyond impressed with your support staff. They are doing an excellent job, and I actually look forward to asking for Adaxes advice on the forums.

Dan Bradford
Servus Credit Union Ltd.

With support like this, I start to believe world peace is possible!


Wow, i must say that the support from your side is fantastic.

Mats Örnberg
Medivir AB

I thank you for the outstanding support and all the tips and scripts you provided. This was a unique experience in my IT carrier so far and I really appreciated working with all of you guys.

Isemann Markus
Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Adaxes is great IDM Tool and provides excellent support.

Carsten Cramer
Group7 AG

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