Active Directory management & automation

Softerra Adaxes Support is provided by a professional support team of software and system engineers who have designed and developed the product.

We offer two types of Support Programs:

  • Free Standard Support provides a wide range of services, Monday through Friday, during Softerra Support business hours.
  • Pre-paid Annual Maintenance and Support offers comprehensive personalized services in addition to faster response times. This plan is available on a 1-5 year subscription basis.


  • access to our most experienced Support Engineers
  • 2-3 business days response times
  • personalized webex demo
  • installation, implementation and performance advice
  • ability to submit your support request vis website, email or voicemail
  • 24/7 access to our extensive knowledge base: FAQ, Online Help, User Forum, Docs & Articles, Tutorials and Demo Videos
  • ability to submit Suggestions on the product
  • subscription for automated product notifications
  • Sales Support


  • all features included in Standard Support listed above
  • Upgrade Protection* for all minor and major releases
  • priority technical support
  • dedicated Support Account Manager
  • guaranteed response to your request within 24 hours on business days
  • no limits on the number of incidents reported by customer

* Upgrade Protection implies the right to receive new Softerra Adaxes versions released during the term of the AMS coverage at no additional cost.

We would love to hear your comments on Softerra Adaxes. Send us your thoughts by submitting Feedback on our product. Your suggestions on new Softerra Adaxes features or possible improvements will receive our most serious consideration and will be greatly appreciated.

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